Main Street

All-America City Quilt

AAC quiltThe All-America City Quilt is finally arrived “home”!  Members of the City Council and Mayor Goodman posed for this shot to be forwarded along the “trail” as the AAC Quilt is delivered to each of the 2011 Finalist communities.

The All-America City Quilt is on display for all to see at the Scott County Library today, Thursday, Friday and Saturday during business hours.  It has to be shipped early Monday morning by Fed Ex to Dedham, Massachusetts.

Scott City’s quilt square for 2011 was designed and quilted by members of the Scott County Quilt Guild, Wanda Kirk and Theresa Radnor.  They captured photographs of some of Scott City’s most recognizable landmarks on fabric and embroidered details with perfection.

Please take a moment from your day to go view the quilt.  Take in the vastness of the communities represented across the United States of America….and know that YOU live in one of them.  It is truly a moment to savor….and to say….I remember when….

Thank you for making our community the “Jewel on the High Plains” we are proud to call “home”.  We are ALL in this together!  Thank you.  (From Katie Eisenhour)

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