New Landfill Hours

The Scott County Landfill has new hours and days of operation.

They will be closed on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday.

They are open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

If you have any questions, you can reach Rich Cramer at 872.2202.

Check Out the Scott County Recycle Center!

Our great new recycling center in located at 1981 South Highway 83, in Marvin Zorn's old welding shop.  Currently run by Roy Berry (who is full of great information!), the center is open during the following times:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday

from 10:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m.

You can still drop off items when the center is closed because they have put outside recycling bins in front of the building to make the service available at all times.  Everything is clearly labeled both inside and out!

Here are the items you can recycle:

Aluminum Cans (No foil or foil containers.)

Steel Cans (Rinsed, no need to remove labels.  No paint or aerosol cans.)

Glass Bottles/Jars (Clear, amber, or green.  No window glass, dishes, or light bulbs.)

Chipboard/Phone directories (Egg cartons, cereal boxes, cake mix boxes, and others of this type.  Please fold them flat.)

Corrugated Cardboard/Paper Grocery Bags (No food boxes that are contaminated; i.e. pizza boxes.  Please fold flat.)

Newspapers (Everything, including inserts.)

Office Paper/Junk Mail (White, copy, letterhead, pastel, envelopesfaxes, etc.)

Shredded Office Paper (Place in a plastic bag.)


Books (Paperback and hardback.)

Number 1 Plastics (Clear and green clear containers properly marked with a "1" in the chasing arrow.  Soda, peanut butter, salad dressing, etc.)

Number 2 Colored Plastics ("2" in the chasing arrow.  Detergent, bleach bottles, etc.)

Number 2 Natural Plastics ("2" in the chasing arrow.  Milk jugs, butter tubs, etc.)

Please check the chasing arrow symbols carefully.  It takes glasses or a magnifying glass at times, I know!  It saves the center time and trouble if you will only bring those items that they accept.


If you save your plastic grocery bags, you can recycle them at Caspar's Foods in Scott City, or take them to Walmart in Garden City the next time you make a trip.

Chandler Cupp recycles grass clipping and ornamental grass cuttings by feeding them to his goats.  Give him a call.

The Scott City Elementary School recycles all computer printer cartridges.  They are able to receive $2.00 for each cartridge turned in.  They are also still accepting "Boxtops for Education".

Please share with me any other recycling efforts you make.  I personally love our county recycling center.  We have put a worm recycling bin in our kitchen to process kitchen scraps.  Other ways of dealing with food scraps are, of course, chickens and other poultry, as well as the good 'ol compost pile.  My garden has several large compost piles and absolutely nothing is thrown away out of the kitchen.  We are down to one garbage bag of non-recyclables per every two-three weeks.  Try it!  (My piano students especially love my pet worms in the kitchen!)     

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