Easter Pageant

2011 Easter Pageant

Scott County's bi-annual Easter Pageant, "The Road to Redemption" is always a greatly anticipated event in the timeline of this community.  The pageant will be held Good Friday, April 22. 2011 at approximately 9:00 p.m. in the Scott Lake State Park. The park is located 12 miles north of Scott City on Hwy. 83. There is ample parking with an area reserved for pickups, vans, and motor homes. An area in front of the cars is reserved for those who wish to sit outside on blankets.

The pageant is presented out-of-doors. Wraps are advisable. You will need access to an FM radio because the pageant is broadcast on a short-range FM radio frequency which can be heard only in the pageant area.  Music and pageant narration can be heard only on 107.1 FM.

Camp Lakeside will serve a soup supper from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.  The camp will provide a shuttle from the pageant site to the camp dining hall.  Live pre-pageant music, 6:30-8:30 p.m., will be provided by “Harmony”, a women’s trio from Gove, KS, and Jim Mulaney, gospel guitarist and singer from Denver, CO.   The pageant is sponsored by the Scott City Ministerial Alliance.  A freewill offering is the price of admission for both the soup supper and the pageant.

Camping areas are available in the state park. Ample hotel and motel accommodations are to be found in Scott City, 12 miles south of the park; in Oakley, 34 miles north of the park; Dighton, 24 miles east of Scott City; and Leoti, 25 miles west of Scott City. For further information on the Scott County State Park, call 620-872-2061.

Synopsis of the Performance

Synopsis of "The Road to Redemption":

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

Scene 1: The prophecy

Scene II: The Christmas story

Scene III: Christ in the Temple at the age of twelve.

Scene IV: The Sermon on the Mount.

Scene V: Jesus and the Children

Scene VI: The healing of the lepers.

Scene VII: The Triumphal Entry

Scene VIII: The Cleansing of the Temple

Scene IX: The Bargain of Judas Iscariot

Scene X: Signs of the End of the Age

Scene XI: The Lord's Supper

Scene XII: The Garden of Gethsemane

Scene XIII: Peter's Denials

Scene XIV: The Death of Judas

Scene XV: Christ Before Pilate

Scene XVI: The March to Calvary

Scene XVII: The Crucifixion

Scene XVIII: The Burial

Scene XIX: The Resurrection

History of "The Road to Redemption"

The Scott County Easter Pageant, "The Road to Redemption", began in 1971 at a location two miles north of the present site in Scott Lake State Park. With a borrowed script, costumes, and lights from the Antioch Methodist Church in Buttermilk, Kansas, the first pageant was presented. People in Scott County loaned lights, electrical cords, animals and equipment, in addition to their gifts of time and money to make the pageant possible. The first narration was live, with the light switch box laying on the ground, powered by a borrowed generator. But the production went very well because the people of Scott County had worked hard and given much of themselves, and so God had blessed them abundantly.

The whole idea began one Sunday morning when Gwen Huck's pastor mentioned to her that perhaps some kind of Easter sunrise play could be held on the football field. Larry Huck, her husband, and the high school football coach at the time, said the field would be under construction during Easter, having a new crown put on the field. Gwen knew her father-in-law had a script of a pageant for which he had narrated several years before. She acquired the script, met with the Ministerial Alliance, decided the state park was the best setting and everything was underway. The script has been revised since then, but Scott County will always be grateful to the people of the Antioch Methodist Church in Buttermilk, who generously helped the pageant get started. Read more: History of "The Road to Redemption"

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