Greenhouse Glimpses

The Experiment

This experiment is to answer the e-mail circulating around, about water heated in a microwave and whether it is safe to use.  Snopes has this covered, but it sounded like fun anyway.  The days are ordered from the most recent tothe earliest, every other day.

day nine plant experimentDay Nine  and now my story comes to an end!  The plants are all just fine, growing evenly with no visible damage (other than a new invasion of white flies in the greenhouse which are putting pressure on the lettuce).  So this all comes to an end and the conclusion:  Microwaving water does not change it in any way that damages plants.  You can disregard the e-mail circulating around.  Now it's time to go work on cleaning up the garden.  Later...










day seven plant experimentDay Seven   Still growing strong!











Day Five and I think we can all see where this is going.  There isn't going to be any sign that microwaving water changes it so that it damages these plants.  We'll continue on for a little while longer, at least until I need to trim back the lettuce plants and eat a salad!                                      



Day Three and everybody looks good, growing right along.  The only noticeable change is the fact that the leaves are turgid.  I had repotted the lettuce and leeks on Day One, so they were protesting a little by being limp.







plantsThe victims are one each, leeks started from seed, leaf lettuce, newly rooted coleus, and a small Early Girl tomato seedling.

The treatment is:

Group One, water boiled in a tea kettle

Group Two, water boiled in a microwave in a glass container

Group Three, water water boiled in a microwave in a plastic container

Group Four, water directly from the Ogallala Aquifer

The photo at left is Day One, 14 March 2012.  I will be updating photos every other day.  Send me any comments through the website.  I am predicting that water is a stable molecule, however it is heated.  So this is just for fun!  But if you have seen the e-mail about the dangers of microwaves, then you may be amused.


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