Volunteer of the Year

Volunteer of the Year Awards

These are the fine people of Scott City, Kansas who willingly give of their time, expertise, and efforts to make our community "very fine"!  They are our "Volunteers of the Year".


2011---Debbie Murphy

2010---Dr. Roger Winter

2009---Jerry Snyder

2008---Dona Dee Carpenter

2007---Robert Cooper and Junior Strecker

2006---Kay Harkness

2005---Charles and Shirley Griffith

2004---Carroll Glanville

2003---Katie Eisenhour

2002---Tom Graham

2001---Dorothy Hutchins

2000---Joy Cole, Debbie Lawrence, and Gwen Huck

1999---Jim Rodenbeek

1998---Dan Weides

1997---Wally Robinson

1996---Jeannie Hardy

1995---Madeline Murphy




2010---Aaron Kucharik

2009---Kayla Dearden

2008---Janie Gunther

2007---Tianne Smith

2006---Adam Wright

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